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A Tradition of Quality
and Service Since 1929

About Us

Brilliant Sign is a full service sign and graphics company that manufactures, installs and services signs. We can deliver any sign type or graphic requirement you have and our signs work – for you and your customers.

From design and engineering through fabrication and the final installation, we are committed to making your experience a gratifying one.

Our entire staff stays at the leading edge of sign design, immerging technology and environmental responsibility.

Plus, we operate full-scale crews to cover all your sign, parking lot light or building security light maintenance and service needs.

We know the importance of delivering quality sign solutions and a complete range of services — we are committed to your business.

Explore our Work section to explore how we’ve delivered and set high standards in customer service and in the signage industry since 1929. Then let’s do business together.

Our Story

Since 1929, Brilliant Electric Sign Co. has been a visionary bridge between a brand signage and the customer experience in the physical world. We manufacture, construct, service and install signage and graphics from customer sign and graphic projects to unique brand implementation programs. Our craftsmen care deeply and work tirelessly to bring your signage brand to life. We have built our principles on quality craftsmanship, collaborative unity, and simple, honest customer service.

True craftsmanship is at the heart and soul of our on-premise sign business. Passionate people roll up their sleeves and perform the work as required for each sign project. This isn’t a tagline, it’s our internal philosophy. We were born from an entrepreneurial spirit and know how to build and grow our most important business asset, our talented people. We dive into the details, and bring brand signage for real people in real spaces.

We have been serving the on-premise sign industry with “A Tradition of Quality and Service Since 1929”.


Brilliant Electric Sign Co. (BESCO) is dedicated to being the best; utilizing our strengths and every resource to provide innovative signage and graphic solutions that create value for our customers in a climate of mutual friendship and trust.


Taking the road less traveled has nurtured some of the most successful partnerships BESCO holds. Our experienced team members go above and beyond to deliver unique signage and graphic solutions while providing realistic expectations. In an industry that often over promises and under delivers, we know the truth may not always be the most favorable answer, but it is always the correct answer.


At the center of our business is our commitment to our customers. It is no secret that a company’s clients are the lifeblood of the business. Keeping clients happy starting with treating them with respect is at the center of everything we do. We take the upmost pride in working hand-in-hand with our clients, keeping them apprised of their progress, while completing custom job on time and within budget.


QUALITY IS EVERYTHING TO BRILLIANT ELECTRIC SIGN CO. If we know one thing, it is that nothing replaces quality products. When you work with Brilliant, you are working with one of the top custom and national sign companies in the country. Our quality results are the only proof that you will need. Contact us to see what we can do for you and your business.

QUALITY CONTROL Brilliant Electric Sign Co. takes great pride in the quality of the signs we produce. To this end, extensive quality control measures exist beginning with the product design and culminating in final inspection before shipping and/or on-site installation. Our manufacturing employees check at each step of the sign’s production to ensure that it meets quality standards before it moves to the next stage of manufacturing. Employees are held personally accountable for conducting required quality control measures such that we can assure our customers that the sign will function as it was designed, in the field at our clients business.

Health and Safety

Brilliant Electric Sign Co. (BESCO) recognizes that safety is a serious concern throughout the workplace. All levels of management stress safety to their employees. This allows BESCO to manufacture, service and install its signage and graphics in the safest way possible.

All departments and employees are aware of the safety rules, codes, and regulations that must be obeyed to prevent personal injury in all the company’s activities. Everything practical must and will be done to help ensure that.

Taking all the necessary safety measures during install and maintenance will also help protect the members of the public. This helps establish the reputation to customers and employees that BESCO is a safety oriented business.

BESCO Green Plan

Brilliant Electric Sign Co. has gone green. We are fully committed to minimizing our company’s carbon footprint and maximizing the efficiency of our building and manufacturing. The steps that have been taken to make these goals possible include:

  • All extra materials from manufacturing or signage removals that can be recycled are as required. This includes steel, plastic, aluminum, wiring, transformers, power supplies, etc.
  • Old paints are disposed properly in accordance with the EPA regulations.
  • Fluorescent lamps and neon units are recycled in accordance with all federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations.
  • For installation and service calls we stress organized planning to limit the amount of trips our service and crane trucks must take in efforts to preserve fuel emissions.
  • When fabricating signs, our shop has minimized the use of neon and has switched to a more energy efficient LED light (light emitting diodes) for a lot of signage.
  • We continue to do our part re-using and preserving paper. Printing on both sides of the page, limiting color prints, printing emails only for documentation, and reusing scrap paper is highly applauded in the office.
  • Our company continues to recycle toner and ink cartridges. When purchasing, our first choice is re-manufactured ones.
  • All lights located in the office are energy efficient. With that, comes a stressed point to our employees to turn off lights when leaving an office for an extended period.
  • All lights within the manufacture plant have been changed from HJD to LED in efforts of preserving energy.

Our company has made great improvements throughout the workplace and we look forward to continuing to help make our planet a healthier place.

Lean Practices

Brilliant Electric Sign Co. (BESCO) is dedicated to our lean business model, providing more value to customers while using less resources. Each employee is equipped with the knowledge and techniques that will allow BESCO to do its part in eliminating waste.

Following the proper steps and techniques will help provide flaw-free products and services that can still compete within the industry. Making sure all employees have the necessary tools will give them value and responsibility over their decisions. This also allows our employees to make the necessary decisions that will allow BESCO to satisfy its customers in a timely manner.

Following our lean business model, we have been able to reduce overall order time, improve overall productivity, and reduce the total supplies being utilized. BESCO’s efforts are what have led to our great reputation of customer service and satisfaction.

Supplier Diversity

Brilliant Electric Sign Co. (BESCO) actively pursues a diverse range of suppliers for all its material needs and installation partners. This allows competitive businesses an equal opportunity to supply BESCO with the necessary materials to fabricate its signs and install signs throughout the country. Building relationships with business partners and suppliers and having a broad range of experience and expertise. BESCO has been able to satisfy its customers’ needs while simultaneously contributing to economic growth in the communities in which BESCO is providing services.

Our Process, do great work.

At Brilliant Sign, every sign is designed and built to be a powerful, accurate and inspiring representation of your brand’s identity that ultimately provides a long lasting impression.

Our goals are simple.  We strive to:

  1. Maintain our commitment to total customer satisfaction – we will do it right the first time
  2. Identify your business and brand image to the community
  3. Separate your business from others by providing a “distinguishing brand”
  4. Increase your business (Contribute to business success)

We have delivered high standards in customer service and in the signage industry since 1929.

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